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Purpose of Branding

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Branding, as such, is much, much more than a (even well designed) logo itself. I go further. A logo is only as good as it is a part of a meaningful branding concept.

You can design a logo in PhotoShop or Illustrator, but you can only design a brand with your heart.

Good branding is the meaning of (or behind) your business. The meaning behind everything you do, and especially in the way yo do it. Branding – while it’s main goal is definitely is to differentiate – is not only to make you stand out, it is a lot more important that HOW it does that. Here, at AmbitionStock, we say that good branding is a unique “personality” of your business that makes it more than “just” a design company, a hosting company, a local burger place or a car service.

The depth of branding

Here at AS, we also understand that not everyone is a million-dollar budgeted startup, and also that in not every business field there is space to “heart” and dramatic stuff like that. For example, it is much easier to brand a hotel restaurant than to brand a burger truck on the corner, right? Hell no. Your burger truck on the corner needs and is able to have just as good performing branding as an expensive hotel restaurant, if done right.

By depth of branding, we say that how “deep” your uniqueness goes in your business. For example, if you sell food in a restaurant or from a trailer, one depth of branding is to just have a logo and name (Marty’s Burger), to have a name and logo that relates to ingredients too (Marty’s Fishburger), or that you specialize in one very specific type of product, and your brand is built on it (Marty’s Smoked Salmon Burger).

None of the versions are good or bad, and all three can be good and not so good solutions, depending on circumstances.

If done right, good branding almost automatically inspires a whole world of never-exhausting ideas of marketing.

Is branding manipulation?

woman standing beside shelfWe believe, in part, yes, and it is a good thing. We believe that there is a layer of branding and marketing that is both manipulative and still, morally totally acceptable, even good. Who is the one that is being hurt by McDonald’s almost fairy-tale like stories and events for children? Only the competition. Who will be hurt by words and stories of inspiration, if you write about how successful became the last C# programmer who was your student? Who will be hurt by advertisements where the advertiser connects family events and emotions to a glass of wine or a bottle of BBQ-sauce? Noone. Is it manipulation? Yes. Is it wrong, does it take advantage of anyone? Does it mislead anyone? No. It just inspires you to take action (drink a glass of wine with your father, or eat a burger with your son) and (accidentally :- ) and offers the same product or service.

Mean it

Good branding is never only the result of a brand designer’s work. This means, that there has to be core values, real intentions, real mission at the core of your business, otherwise branding will remain an empty art of deceive, even if it does increase your income. Good branding is always more than a facade. You better be proud of your brand, and being inspired by it, rather than to look at it as some magic that will do the work instead of you.

Branding is powerful towards the business too

Or the employees of your business. Of course, we all may understand how good branding is beneficial towards customers; it encourages using your services or buying your products. But good branding (because it involves meaning, uniqueness and mission) is also motivates the business owner and employees.

Once you have a brand, you are no longer “just” a restaurant, “just” a car repair company, “just” a lawyer (of course, you were always more, even if you were unaware of it). Once you have a brand, you have a distinct, physically existing (f.e. your logo) uniqueness of your business, and you know that everything you do for your business or for the business you are working for is an action that keeps a brand alive, and / or growing it. I know, it may sound new-agish psycho babble, but try this in real life. Appreciate the power of motivation.

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