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Downloading Google Fonts

Most of our logos and graphics are using free Google Fonts, so you can freely download them from the Google Fonts library. If you are not sure how to do this, we provide you a simple guide here.

So, for the most of our digital products, be it logo template, graphic template, UI element, etc… basically anything that uses fonts, we use a free Google Font.

What is Google Fonts?
Google Fonts is originally created for web developers. It is – primarily – an online font library that can be embedded easily into websites, therefore solving a long-existing problem of using quality fonts on websites. However, Google Fonts is more than that, especially from our perspective. Google Fonts are pretty cool, quality fonts, and they are open source. This means we (you) can use them for any kind of purpose, including business purposes. This is why I use them when I create items for AmbitionStock.

Bought the item? Check the item page for fonts!
Everytime you check one of our products page, if the actual item contains or needs fonts, you can find the font links on the product page:

As the magnifying glass shows, there are one or more font links on the product page. Click it!

This opens the appropriate Google Font page in a new window. Look for the “Select This Font” link at top right.


When you click it, it adds the font to your selected fonts. Now, go to bottom right.

If you click on the dark bar, it opens up a lightbox. Click on Customize tab in order to check all the needed font versions.

I suggest you to check all the checkboxes.

Next, find and click the download button at top right of the lightbox. Here:

Now, all you have to do is save the file (it is a ZIP), unzip it to some folder, select all files, right click and choose “Install…”.