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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we are never, and we want and will make sure that you know that we are about fair business. Yes, it is possible that we make mistakes (some days we create 10+ items), but if there is any problem with the purchased item, you can ALWAYS contact us and we answer, and resolve your problem. There are stock graphic and plugin / WordPress theme sites on the internet that does not care about customers, and once they have your money, they don’t communicate. AmbitionStock is not of them. We care about you, and want you to succeed.

If there is any problem with the downloaded file, please:

  1. Go to the FAQ section and see if there is a solution.
  2. Go to the Knowledgebase section and see if there is a solution.
  3. If you don’t find the answer, go to your Dashboard, and click Support. Open a support ticket, so we can answer you there.
  4. If there would be a technical problem in our support ticket system, then contact us.
  5. We don’t reply? Message may did not get through, contact us again.
  6. Call us +36 30 724 6041

Have a successful day!

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Detailed license is on the License page, but Non-exclusive sales are items that are sold multiple times, therefore there is no guarantee that you will be the sole owner. Not like Exclusive sales, which are taken down from AmbitionStock so noone else have ever or will ever buy them.

The text is not missing, it is just hidden. Due to an unknown Illustrator issue, some files can’t be saved with visible text layers. Go to Layers panel, and unhide text layers.

If Layers Panel is not visible, go to Window ->  Layers or press F7.

When you buy a print template such as a restaurant menu design, you are not paying for the logo that “comes” with it. The logo can be purchased independently.

Watermarks are only there on the illustrations and mockups for some items. Of course, when you purchase them, you will receive non-watermarked versions.


The mockup image is downloadable from the website, sometimes the package also contains it, but the mockup itself (the PSD file) is not part of the package. Logos are in either AI or in PSD vector format.


Contrary to a popular misconception, PhotoShop is totally capable of creating and storing 100% scalable, vector logos, if used the right way. Our PSD logos are totally equivalent to AI formats.


For legal reasons, we can not include the used fonts in the files, but, we use free fonts, and we provide download links on every product page, so you can get your fonts free of charge.

Update: Some fonts, which are either have public domain license or the license allows it, are included in the downloadable file.