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5 Benefits of Good Branding in 2019

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Building a brand is, in part, the job of the professional. To have a pro logo that has quality, you need someone with years of experience and high skill set. But in another part, building the brand – after you got your logo and basics from a brand designer – is something you will be doing. But you don’t build a brand so you can tell others you have one; it has serious advantages, that can take you out of the competitors’ level, and bring you to a whole another one.

Let’s see 5 benefits of good branding.


A lot of people underestimate when they read “branding is there to separate you from the competition”. This statement is really true and has a lot of power in it, but there are less words written about HOW branding does that. Having a brand shining through your website, meetings, podcasts, e-books and work can have such a tremendous “background power” that clients will not understand it until they already paid you.

There are hundreds of grocery stores, right? You leave work, go to the car or public transport, and before you arrive home you step in, you know a few things you have to buy, and maybe see a few other items on the shelves you haven’t though about but you need, or maybe there is some orange beverage you’d like right now. You pay, and you leave. That’s a grocery store.

But what if someone did a good branding on a – otherwise “regular” – grocery store, and call it “Dinosaur Grocery”. There is a huge freakin’ T-Rex on top of the entrance with LEDs lighting and all, and they put a different kind of dinosaur to the start of every line (Triceratops – vegetables and fruits, Velociraptor – meat, etc..), the wall is painted, there is forest all over it, and they give you printed discount flyers with – of course – dinosaurs talking funny b*llshit all over it.

You will just unconsciously digest so much of the branding and the fictional story that you won’t even notice how big impact it had on you. You’ll remember Dinosaur Grocery

Story / Theme

Closely connected to the previous, branding in a way is all about framing what you do into a theme, story. Let’s stay at the previous example. Any other grocery store could give you the same level of service, but since this one IS a dinosaur-themed, you will connect the quality to it. It is no longer “the grocery store on the corner”. It is dinosaur grocery. By “theming” the business, you can emphasize the good qualities more. Beware! This also true to the negative side. People will remember a failure more if you have a good brand.

People love stories. Why? Because everyone has one. You are more connected to them if you are “just” the operator behind your brand. Plus, having a story means every discount, holiday offer, or everything you plan to do in your business, store can be somehow included into your brand. It will make it more interesting, more exciting, something that has more substance and life in it.

You’re memorable

As I have wrote in the last section, having a brand makes people remember you. Yes, this has a downside; they’ll more likely remember that you messed something up if you have that dinosaur logo, but this “disadvantage” is an advantage too. How? It can make you work harder. Once you understand that once you have a brand, everything you do every day has a positive or negative impact on your brand. It is responsibility. And, I guess, you want to make a good impact every time you sell product or do service for a customer or client.

Being memorable with a good and cool brand has another benefit: people will automatically think about you when they have the need you can satisfy.

Branding makes it all fun

In a way, branding has superpower, and it’s a double-sided superpower. Trust me, I know, when you start a business with a brand you love has tremendous inspirational power. Good branding gives extra meaning to your days. You no longer “just” go to your business, do your work and go home. You’ll be the one who is running a brand that more and more people starts to know, and it is great. So, in this way, it has a kind of “inside power”.

But, branding also has an “outside power”. It doesn’t take much to admit: we love to buy from great brands. For example, if you look at Apple products or the way they showcase or present their products, it’s clear that they 1.) love their brand 2.) believe in what they do. This confidence spreads out, we sense it, and we simply prefer these brands, and for a reason.

Connects what you do to something intangible

I believe, this is one of the most important, beneficial, powerful and effective aspect of branding. As long as you are “only” an entrepreneur who does his / her job well, your brand is basically you, your name and your face (just a note, it is not that bad in itself). But once you have a logo, your business card, your website, with the powerful branding elements a professional brand designer can provide, the game is changed. You are more like a little superstar from there. Your brand marks your strengths, and gives you a little bit of magical aura. From there, you no longer just making money, you are building a brand with everything you do.

I have been running my brand since 2009 (Nightworld Design) before I started AmbitionStock. I know how powerful it is to have my logo on Android Games, hundreds of websites I’m proud of, I have Youtube videos where I can showcase what I have done. Of course I’m nowhere near Apple, but people know what they can expect.

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